Many times a home may need an expert to be able to stage it for best results and Brigid is able to assist in making your home present at its best.


Some tips from Brigid in preparing your home ready to be sold:

  1. Eliminate all clutter, unnecessary household or decorative items, and furniture that may distract or discourage potential buyers.
  2. Make sure that kitchen and bathrooms are clean and tidy; visitors pay most attention to these rooms.
  3. If your house is bright, it will be more welcoming. Use mood lighting where possible, to make rooms cozy and warm.  Turn on all main lights and/or open curtains and blinds.
  4. Make sure faucets are not dripping and that all doors and casements close properly.
  5. Mow your lawn and make sure the rest of your yard is as well groomed as possible.
  6. Clear your entrance of puddles, snow, ice or leaves.


If you are selling, Brigid can:

If You Are Buying a Home, Brigid Can:

Help you find the ideal neighbourhood and living situation to fulfill your exact requests, including: price, amenities, location, space, style and condition.

If you do not have a mortgage broker she will direct you to the most reputable names in the business, ensuring that you clearly define your budget and means when buying the ideal living space.

Additional Service:


Specializing in locating furnished rental properties throughout Montreal for short term rentals