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Great opportunity to open a professional office right in the heart of Victoria village. Close to the metro food store, boutiques, cafes, Vic Park and more!


-The tenant is responsible for all energy related costs including heat, air conditioning, hot water and electricity plus GST & QST.
-The tenant must provide a tenants package insurance and liability policy for the premise.

Additional costs- $968/month -Estimated 33.3% of the following: Municipal and school tax and building insurance.
Estimate-Municipal tax 2019-$27,435.
Estimate-School tax 2018-$1435.
Estimate-Building insurance estimated at $6000.
Estimate-Snow clearing and other general standard upkeep.
Estimated total additional expenses: $34,870 x 33.3%=$11,612/840sf=$13.82/sf.
-Plus GST and QST.


Asking price: $2400/month

  • Property type: Commercial
351 Victoria avenue
Westmount QC

Evaluations and Taxes

  • Building Value: $N/A
  • Lot Value: $N/A
  • Municipal Value: $N/A
  • Municipal Taxes: $N/A
  • School Taxes: $N/A


  • Lot size: N/A
  • Lot area: N/A
  • Building size: N/A
  • Living area: N/A

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